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Company profile
Suzhou Renchuan Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological comprehensive company which integrates R&D, design, construction management, quality management, production and sales. Professional in air purification engineering, air purification equipment, antistatic products and stainless steel medical devices, testing instruments and instruments. Products are widely used in electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic, new energy, biology, food, cosmetics, printing, packaging, laser industry, optical communication, laboratory, IC manufacturing, medicine, laser, optics, magnetic energy, aviation, chemistry, mould, mechanical processing and other related units. In the future development, we will uphold the basic concepts of dedication and service. Jointly create clean and comfortable space for science and technology, life and production. We are always ready to provide you with good service.
Main products:

Engineering category: dustless room, clean room, purification project, air conditioning project, fresh air exchange project, design, installation, commissioning, service and technical consultation of mechatronics and Hydropower project, at the same time, it can undertake epoxy self-flow floor painting and anti-static floor painting of ground surface.

Purification equipment: air shower room, clean workbench, clean shed, clean storage cabinet, clean sampling vehicle, transfer window, transfer window, air shower transfer window, dust-free wardrobe, FFU/fan filter unit, automatic hand-washing dryer, high-efficiency air outlet, pressure relief door, air self-cleaning device, etc.
Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment: central weighing room, negative pressure weighing cover, clean laminar flow cover, isolation cover, rechargeable clean laminar flow vehicle, etc.
Solar photovoltaic equipment: loading and cooling machine, loading room, cooling room, insertion room, storage cabinet.
Detection Instruments: Laser Dust Particle Counter, Plankton Bacteria Sampler, Dust Particle Multi-point Detection System, Anemometer, Air Mask, Illuminometer, Sound Level Meter, Temperature and Humidity Meter, Pressure Differential Meter, etc.

Air filter: Initial, medium, high efficiency, super high efficiency, tank filter.

Stainless steel products: stainless steel shelves, stainless steel work tables, stainless steel containers, trolleys, etc.
Clean room dust-free matching consumables: dust-free shoes/clothes, dust-free paper/cloth, masks, gloves and ion blowers, wind guns, wind rods, wind snakes and other antistatic products.
Our goal: to establish a brand image, increase corporate trust, and cultivate corporate culture. Position quality as the life of the enterprise, create a strong team of science and technology, constantly open up new fields and create better products.


Our Quality Concept:

High standard, refinement

Our Law of Success:

Start small and do simple and subtle things well!

Management policy:

Principle 1. Customer-centered

Principle 2. Leadership

Principle 3. Full participation

Principle 4, Process Approach

Principle 5. Systematic approach to management

Principle 6 Continuous improvement

Principle 7 Fact-based decision-making

Principle 8. Mutually beneficial supplier relations


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Suzhou headquarters:No. 99 Tongcheng Road, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou



Contacts:Hu Ji Yong

Mobile phone:13732648199

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