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Job description:
1. Actively develop new customers, organize customer materials and establish customer information files;
2. Complete customer negotiation, contract signing, documentation and post-maintenance work;
3. Complete the monthly sales tasks issued by the company;
4. Maintain the relationship between customers and banks flexibly.
5. Continuous learning, continuous progress and self-improvement.
Job requirements:
1. Age 22-35, male and female;
2. College degree or above, with sales experience;
3. Strong learning and communication skills, good at communication;
4. Good sense of teamwork and pressure;
5. Ability to work hard and keep good working enthusiasm;
6. Experience in driving license and investment, financial management and insurance industry is preferred.

Service commitment

(1) The company has a group of experienced designers, and can provide you with the design of clean workshop, sterile laboratory and clean operating room free of charge.

(2) Our company has a complete set of after-sales service team, and has opened a dedicated after-sales service hotline, which can solve the problems raised by customers and the maintenance and maintenance of purification projects at any time. After the project is delivered, our company regularly contacts with customers to understand the product quality, mainly adopting one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. The company has - a high-quality engineering design. The installation and technical supervision teams work closely with each project from design to construction, and strictly control the quality of the project.

(3) The company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "integrity and dedication, people-oriented" and the business philosophy of "creating benefits for users", and has formulated and implemented a complete after-sales service system, which can provide customers with good after-sales service.

Service Process

Service process



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