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Disposable clean clothes

Disposable clean clothes

Non-woven coveralls/split suits/gowns

In the process of clean room industrial production, the human body is the source of dust in the clean room. The purpose of wearing the clean clothing system is to reduce the dust pollution of the human body and prevent the generation of spontaneous static electricity of the human body. At the same time, the clean clothing system itself should be properly ensured To not become a source of dust, it is necessary to choose fabrics with fibers that are not easy to fall off and have static-dissipative properties. After the garment is finished, pure water is required to clean the non-woven one-piece suit, and the non-woven one-piece suit is vacuum-packed for dust-free use. Room selection. At the same time, our company provides ethylene oxide sterilization, which is guaranteed by vacuum compression after sterilization, and a sterilization label is attached.

Non-woven coveralls weight: 30g, 45g, 60g

The neckline and cuffs of the non-woven jumpsuit are made of spiral knitted fabric, similar to sportswear and comfortable to wear. This is a new product of our company.

There are two one-pieces: top and trousers.

There are three-pieces: hat, top, pants.

There are four pieces: hat, top, pants, shoe cover.

There are zippers and buttons at the same time; magic felt points.

Disposable antibacterial non-woven coveralls features: adsorption, excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties, good barrier properties, and breathability. Scope of application: Hospital Technical features: This product is made of three layers of materials by ultrasonic compounding. The upper and lower layers are made of antibacterial non-woven fabric; the middle layer is made of breathable membrane. Function: The antibacterial materials of the product are refined by "Jiqi molecular assembly antibacterial technology". The antibacterial functional groups assembled on the matrix resin have adsorption effect on bacteria and molds, which can effectively prevent bacteria and viruses from migrating and penetrating through the fiber air gap, and at the same time achieve the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses by destroying the metabolism of microorganisms. Antibacterial and antiviral fast, and effectively block pollutants, avoiding cross-infection between medical staff and patients.


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