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Product Detail

Chip loading and cooling integrated machine

Chip loading and cooling integrated machine

Graphite boat loading and cooling integrated machine

Product Description

This equipment is used in the solar energy industry to match the PECVD carrier. After the silicon wafer is loaded, the filter is prepared. After the air passes through the filter, the damping layer is pressure-equalized, so that the clean air flow is sent vertically and unidirectionally into the wafer loading work area, so as to ensure The cleanliness of the work area to meet the process requirements.

main feature

① It can ensure accurate positioning with the PECVD graphite boat carrier;

② Made of SUS304 stainless steel, the structure of the whole machine is firm and reliable;

③ Adopt GK series air filter;

④ The noise of the purification fan is less than 50dB;

⑤ Ensure the cleanliness of the process achieved in the work area.

⑥ PECVD carrying car can be tilted 15 degrees or rotated 180 degrees inside;

Cooling function

1. It can accurately position the graphite boat carrying and loading sheet.

2. The filtered clean air is dispersed and blown to the graphite boat by the blower to ensure the fast cooling of the graphite boat.

skills requirement:

1. The entire cooling room is made of stainless steel to ensure that the entire equipment is sturdy and reliable.

2. The air entering the blower must be filtered by a medium-efficiency filter.

3. Two hair dryers, one on the left and one on the left, with an air volume of 1000m3/h.

4. The top is equipped with a suction hood and a manual adjustment valve, which can adjust the air volume and speed.

5. In order to achieve the effect of saving electricity, it is necessary to install an automatic control device. When the trolley enters the cooling room, it will start automatically, and it will automatically stop after cooling to the specified time or after the trolley leaves the cooling room.

6. In order to prevent it from moving after being hit by the trolley, the shock-absorbing feet should be those that can be installed with expansion screws.

7. The noise of the purification fan is less than 50dB; ensure that every part can be blown.

8. Photoelectric induction automatic blowing, microcomputer control.


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