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Product Detail

Filming room

Filming room

Graphite boat loading room

product manual

The equipment is used in the solar industry and the PECVD carrier, and the silicon wafer is installed to prepare a high-efficiency filter. After the air passes through the high-efficiency filter, the damping layer is evenly pressed, so that the clean air flow is vertically and unidirectionally fed into the loading work area. This ensures that the work area meets the cleanliness required by the process.

1 Ensures accurate positioning with PECVD graphite boat carriers;
2 Made of SUS304 stainless steel, the structure of the whole machine is firm and reliable;
3 using GK series high efficiency air filter;
4 Purifying fan noise is less than 50dB;
5 Ensure the cleanliness of the process achieved in the work area.
6 PECVD carrier can be tilted 15 degrees or rotated 180 degrees inside;

Device name

PECVD loading room

Total power

220V   800W

Time display

Digital display

control method

Photoelectric induction automatic blowing, microcomputer control

Centrifugal air volume


Voltage and power





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