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Air shower room (painted outside and stainless steel inside)

Air shower room (painted outside and stainless steel inside)

The air and cargo shower room is a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility, which is installed at the partition wall between the clean room and the non-clean room. When people and goods need to enter the clean area, they must be blown through the device. The clean air blown out can effectively remove the dust attached to the surface of people and goods, and reduce the dust source entering the clean area. At the same time, it acts as an airlock to seal the clean room, preventing the unpurified air from entering the clean area and ensuring the normal working state of the clean area.


1. Photoelectric control, infrared automatic induction blowing shower.

2. The design of circulating air ensures the cleanliness of the air shower area when it is not in the shower state.

3. Double-door electronic interlock forced shower.

Optional accessories:

1. Automatic induction sliding door, PCV rolling shutter door

2. Anti-static device

3. Negative pressure type and explosion-proof type in air shower area

4. One-side blowing shower, double-side blowing shower, three-side blowing shower


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