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Air microbial sampler

Air microbial sampler

Air microbial sampler
The Air Microbial Sampler is an efficient six-stage porous suction air microbial sampler. The sampler simulates the anatomical structure and aerodynamic physiological characteristics of the human respiratory tract. The inertial impact principle is used to collect the microbial particles suspended in the air hierarchically on the surface of the sampling medium to ensure that particles larger than 0.65 μm are better than 98% collected. And then for culture and microbiological analysis. At the time of sampling, the dust particles with microorganisms pass through the micropores at high speed and are impinged on the agar surface in the culture dish; during the cultivation process, these living microorganisms undergo a kinetic energy rehydration process and grow at a high speed, thereby performing analysis faster and more efficiently.
The sampler is designed by the ANDERSEN sampling principle. The flow velocity through the micropores is divided into six levels. The pore size of each layer is different. The micropores from top to bottom are getting smaller and smaller, and the flow rate of air through the micropores is getting faster and faster. The momentum of the particles is getting larger and larger, and the particles captured are getting smaller and smaller. The sampler can analyze the microbes and classify the dust particles.
The instrument has high capture rate, stable performance, easy operation and advanced level of international equivalent products. It is an ideal microbial concentration sampling instrument and dust particle collection for various pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological products, food processing, public places, health defense and other testing departments. And the ideal sampler for the test.
Product point:
1. The collecting head is divided into six levels to separate the dust particles and microorganisms in different particle size ranges, which reduces the overlap of microorganisms and reduces the microbial counting error.
2. The collection port is a myriad of micropores, which increases the impact velocity and improves the particle capture efficiency.
3, programmable, sampling time from 1 - 99min, arbitrarily set.
4, the use of the United States imported sampling pump, the resulting high degree of vacuum, in the case of high deviation of the culture medium, does not affect the micro-ventilation speed and particle momentum.
5. It is easy to replace the culture dish. You can replace the culture dish by taking the sampling port (using standard culture dish Φ90*15)
Technical Parameters:

Model parameter

FKC-6Air microbial sampler

Sampling flow


Capture rate






Sampling level

Level 6

Capturing particle range

Level 1 > 7 μm, Level 2 4.7-7 μm, Level 3 3.3-4.7µm,
Level 4 2-3.3μm, Level 5 1-2μm, Level 6 0.65-1μm

Use culture dish specifications

Φ 90×15mm

power supply


Maximum power consumption



Acquisition head Φ 110*170mm, acquisition controller:170×200×130mm


Collecting the head part 2kg, the acquisition controller part:3kg


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